I stand on the edge of a cliff.

Funny thing about cliffs.  They appear frequently in life.  Usually, our practical natures take hold and we step back and walk along the path around and down the mountainside.  And although we have made it to the bottom, the life we find is not always the life we saw when we stood on the edge and looked out over the horizon.

Most of us think of cliffs and we think of people who have fallen.  We think of their bodies, broken and lifeless on the rocks below.  And we step back from the edge and follow the path…….

I have no desire to come to a disasterous end. 

But once, I want to dive from the cliff.  I want to leap in faith out into the unknown, feel the rush of the wind and of my heart and the joy of being free.  And when I reach the water below – and cut the water in perfect form in my mind’s eye – it will be the life that I saw from the top.  It will be the life that I meant to have.

About tammierue

About me? I am constantly trying to answer that question to myself,so how to answer to another? I am on my own for the first time in many years and am finding my way step by step.
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  1. That was beautiful. Got your blogsite from Micah’s group email. Thanks, I enjoyed that.

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