I am a writer (sort of).

I am a writer.

Pardon me while I try this out a bit.  I am a writer.  I am a writer.  I am a writer.  I AM a writer.

Why is that so very difficult to say in public?  I spent some time yesterday in the company of writers.  Some published.  Some, like me, hoping to be published.  And even a few that don’t care if they ever are published.

One of the published authors was asking everyone “What do you do?” and “Are you a writer?”

The answers were varied, especially to the latter question.  But they had one thing in common – a tentative, self-deprecating tone.  “I want to be.”  “I am trying.”  Or the ever popular, “Sort of.”

My day job is one of a manager.  Am I the best manager in the world – heck, even the state? Probably not.  But I am good at what I do (most days).  Some days I suffer from “Manager’s block” when I can’t seem to focus my thoughts and the lines of communication with my team or my direct boss seem clogged with debris.

But even on those days, I am still a manager.  Still the Manager of my department.

Is my writing any less?  Does a day without sitting at the keyboard change who I fundamentally am? Thankfully, it doesn’t.

I am a writer.

There will be days that I am able to corral my thoughts on paper in fluent prose.  There will be days that I struggle.  But the yearning in my heart and in my soul doesn’t change.  For better or for worse, for published or forever striving for publication – I am a writer.

About tammierue

About me? I am constantly trying to answer that question to myself,so how to answer to another? I am on my own for the first time in many years and am finding my way step by step.
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1 Response to I am a writer (sort of).

  1. It’s taken me way to long to respond to this…but I love it. It captures the constant battle those who love to write face. Beautifully done my friend.

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